partying with ideas and whatsoever
So I have been told by my great, great, great grandmother to stay awake until three in the morning to get my bum up and fix my life.


. . .

Hello there everyone! Since this blog is new, I have some proposals for myself (haha!) on what to publish here (and not!).

*clears throat*

I would like to nominate the creation of “The Hashtag Series.” I close the nomination. I second the motion. End.


I figured out that it would be impossible for me to write with a single topic in mind. (The header of this blog’s homepage says it all). My mind is a beautiful mess of crazy and deep thoughts constantly doing aerobics that I cannot ever tame down. Sooooo…

I propose a weekly post which will be under any of these categories:

1. #MondayMed

Who doesn’t want to to talk about this when half of her current life is just all about this? Ha! If this is the first time you learned of me and/or my blog, I shall address your curiosity to my next blog post.

2. #ChooseDay

I’m still unsure of what to write under this category. My first option is to have a list of general, random topics which I will let anyone (fellow bloggers, friends, or some random stranger I meet on the road) to pick from. Then second option is actually still up there stuck in one of the sulci of my brain. And I can’t pull it out!

3. #WanderWednesday

Wanderlust mode: On.

4. #TinkerThursday

I think (bet, rather!) that this would be the category where the most random of all the randoms of my thoughts will find its home. Tinker my mind, tinker my heart!!

5. #ThirstDay

This is another category which I could choose from every Thursday. It will be about my personal journey with God and (probably all those heart matters nobody talks about in the open, wild field of the internet…or so I thought).

6. #FamilyFriday

This. Is. My. Favorite. Family issues are close to my heart. I want to bring light to parents out there (there there there therrr…) on their child’s perspective about parenting and family.. I personally think (and believe) that the voice of children speaking out their sentiments towards their parents is neglected and misinterpreted in a really really major major way. So I’m going to speak for them (because I’m a child of my parents too, surprise!).

7. Saturday

I have none in mind on what to publish on this certain day—not sure if Saturday is permanently a lazy, anything-goes day in my life (HAHAHA!). I might publish something here or not. Or maybe you have a better idea than me, why not?

8. #SundayFunday

I plan for this category to be a regular in my blog. My plan for the others is to publish one-half of them twice a month, the other half for the other two weeks of the month. But for this category, I want it to be up weekly. Why? Wait for it on my next (and first) #SundayFunday post! Ha! 😉

. . .

The ideas are now out in the open. My commitment is now challenged. Time to prove myself that I can really finish the things I have started. Haha!

Hopes up! Have a day—good or grumpy it is—everyone!

—Precious Jem


2 Replies to “NOCEUR”

  1. Try #ShatterDay 🙂 Yung mga rants or mga stresses sa buhay. Haha! Try to join bloggers group na may mga weekly commitment for writing articles so that may support group ka. Haha! Dahil mahirap magsulat talaga. #WritersBlock 🙂

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