Sillage: A Short Story

This too shall pass.

I held her in an embrace and I was pretty sure at that moment that I finally had an infinity breathing between my arms.

“I loved him, you know. As in heads over heels, dude,” she sighed deeply. “I know,” I affirmed her. “It’s okay. Don’t make it too hard for yourself. It’s his loss, Andee… It’s his loss.”

“Would you like a cup of coffee?” I asked.

“Just a few more minutes…” as she snuggled in my embrace.

You. You are so beautiful—not pretty, not hot, not a head-turner. Beautiful. Like an art which I could stare at for hours, both mesmerized and in wonder.

You are captivating, Andee. I wish you know the effect you have on me everytime you are near me. The cute tingling sensation over my nape when you are looking to my eyes with your heart-flipping smile. The way it feels so damn good when I hear your laughter, especially when it’s me who makes you laugh. You send me a text and I would instantly smile. You make me the happiest man alive when you are with me.

And this…

This moment, as transient and fleeting as it may be, of you wrapped within my embrace, already makes me feel that I am about to explode into a million pieces of pure happiness. I want us to stay this way.

“It feels horrible…” her words shaking me out of my bliss. “You give your heart out to a person, feeling that everything is so real and endless…Then you end up being slapped by the frailty of humanity…This, this person you thought you would love to spend the rest of your life with, would just leave you…Making you feel that you are not enough… Unlovable… Not valuable.”

“Sssssh, don’t say that,” I whispered to her as I tightened my embrace. “You are worth it, Andee. You will always be worth it.”

“Do you think so? I really feel like a crap now. I feel that I have been treated like a candy wrapper…”

She laughs with this cute laugh she has when she catches herself saying totally weird analogies on things.

“You know, when you buy candies, you instinctively pick those whose candy wrappers look attractive. But when you take the candy, you forget about the wrapper and then throw it.”

“But you are not like a candy nor a candy wrapper…” I said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Well, I feel like that, though.”

“I’ll get you a coffee, Lilo,” I gently unwrapped my arms around her and nudged her to lift her head from my chest so that I could stand up. She groggily straightens her body and mutters a lazy “Okaaaaay.”

“Thank you, Lance…for everything,” Andee shyly tells me as I was walking towards the kitchen counter.

“Anything for you, cry baby,” I smile as I turned on the coffee maker.

© preciousjemwrites


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