When Nothing Makes Sense In Med School Anymore

The problem challenge is I have nothing in mind to write for today. And because there’s none, I’m getting lazy to even exert an effort to think of anything.

But I remembered that I made a commitment for this new blog I created. I made a decision to stick to my vision for this little world of words. Thus, here I go rolling away the stone blocking my way…

. . . . .


You’re just stuck there. On that cycle of struggling so damn hard to survive. Piles of lectures to study. A gazillion of chapters to read. Case reports to prepare. Exams which eat you alive. Gallons of coffee and/or energy drinks. Nicotine in the system. Tired eyes, exhausted body. Neurons exploding like fireworks—is it even worth watching?

Every morning you wake up with a grunt. You blink your sleep-deprived eyes many times, staring at your bedroom ceiling—thinking if skipping one, two, or three classes this day would not matter. And yet, you groggily get up from your unkempt bed, dragging your body for a shower. Cold water wakes up your sanity for the day.

And still, not much changes. You’re just stuck there, wishing you would graduate from med school sooner than this school year. You just want to rest. You don’t want the stress anymore—admit it.


I’m writing now with you in my mind. I want to tell you to sit down for a while, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and calm your mind. Kahit ngayon lang. Push all the chaos aside for a while. Close the lid of your stress box for a minute. And ask yourself this question,

“How do I want to finish this?”

With flying colors? With mediocrity? With life-altering experiences? With half-baked knowledge and skills? With discipline? With depression? With faith, humility and compassion? With arrogance and a sense of entitlement?

Because the answer to the question will determine how you strive daily. How you will change your ways for the better. How you will see things in a different set of eyes.

When you are pushed hard to the wall by fear, doubt, anxiety, depression, and exhaustion, the answer to the question will renew your strength to push back against the forces trying to steal, kill, and destroy your dreams.

So once again: sit down for a while. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Calm your mind. Push all the chaos aside for a while. Turn off the stress radio. Answer the question.

© preciousjemwrites


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