What Makes A Difference In Your Life?

So today’s Sunday and the message in our church service dropped the question: “Who is Jesus to you and what difference does He make in your life?”

My mind rolled on the question like a kneaded dough being rolled on flour. I sit here, at this very moment of typing, at Kate’s Bakery, finally realizing the answer to the question.

“JESUS IS EVERYTHING TO ME and He made all the difference that ever happened in my life.”

I can not imagine any single beautiful or wonderful thing in my life that doesn’t have anything to do with Jesus. He pursues me unlike any other. He looks at me in a way which melts my heart and makes me fall deeply and helplessly into His arms. He tells me of love unconditional and brings me into an ocean of grace when all I see and believe in myself is unworthiness.

For quite some time, I lost my grip on my principles, on the statutes to which I fought for so hard when I was still passionate on seeking Him. Life became so sour and bitter for me. I consciously walked away from His love and guidance. I rebelled like the prodigal son.

“In reality, it is Jesus who initiates,” our pastor shared. Indeed, Jesus always does. I told my DGroup that I lost my will to even seek Jesus. But it is Jesus who called out my name—in a way that, even in my stubbornbess and stone-heartedness, I could not prevent my head from turning to the One who speaks. The way Jesus calls me is irresistible. He has this way of letting me know me that He indeed knows me and that there is no way I could deny it or run away from that truth.

Truly, the truth always sets us free.

Very truly, Jesus never fails to set a person free.

It is this beautiful experience of encountering Jesus which keeps on making a difference in my daily life. He puts joy in my lips and my soul. He carries me like a father would to his children. He holds my heart and steadies it.

How about you? Who and what makes a difference in your life?



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