App Review: Simple Notepad

Okay fellas. Tell me if you are one of the following:

  • You love to write.
  • You write on sticky notes.
  • You are fond of copying “quotable” quotations everywhere.
  • You always need something to write on about anything which pops in your mind.
  • You want to have a checklist every time.

If you are one or any of the people mentioned in the above list and since we do not have a sheet of paper with us every single time, I gladly and proudly introduce to you this wonderful app, Simple Notepad. The name of the app says it all because it will neither frustrate you nor disappoint you.

I have tried dozens of Notepad apps on my smartphone, but this one is superb. I found everything I want in an e-notepad in Simple Notepad. Right now, I use this in my Lenovo Phab and whenever I open it, I feel so proud and happy for downloading it.


The Simple Notepad has two main features: a place where you could do your note-taking and one for a checklist (see photos below).


One of the first things I loooooove about Simple Notepad is how it allows the user to use the gadget’s wallpaper as its background. (See? It’s so cute, I’m hyperventilating!)



Next, the app also gives the user to categorize the notes by assigning color codes to the note titles.



Another great feature on Simple Notepad is that you could password-protect your notes! I’m not sure about other Notepad apps, but having it on this already-cool-and-great app is a plus.


I think there are still other features I haven’t explored in Simple Notepad, but so far I am already contented with this wonderful app.

Overall rating: heart heart! Hahaha!

If you downloaded this app and enjoyed it, don’t forget to rate the app because it will surely help the creators of the app! Share kindness, people of the world! ((:

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. Hahaha! I just love this app. 

To more notes and scribbles! (:

© preciousjemwrites



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