Gift Idea for Him

So my youngest brother celebrated his birthday and being the clingy sister that I am, I sent him a gift with a primary purpose: so that he won’t forget me. Hahaha kidding.

One of my love languages is giving gifts. And being a person who enjoys doing crafts, my gifts always have something exciting on them (at least, that’s what I think so! Haha!)

I like collecting all sorts of stuff—bottle caps, price tags, strings, screws, clips, buttons, bottles, jars, cereal boxes, boxes of any sort, dried leaves and flowers, perfume bottles, keychains, rocks and pebbles.

I actually think I was a thrift store in my previous life.

If I have a house of my own, half of it would be a room to shelter the artsy side of me.

And maybe there would still be a junk house at my backyard.

Anyway, as I was saying, my brother just turned into a grown man (sniffs), and it took me a while to think of the appropriate gift for a twenty-year old sibling. I wanted something that he would both like and that would be useful to him (so that he will always be reminded of me, hahahahaha!)

So I bought him a sweater and a perfume (and I then no longer have a food allowance for a week, haha!)

But there’s a twist!

Or prolly just something cute on it. Hehe.

I tied a personalized tag on the sweater (which you shall see later in the photos below) and also on the perfume box (not shown in the photos).

On the tags were written these words:

“To keep you warm when you’re lonely,” and

“To remind you to pursue being a man of honor and after God’s own heart”


. . . . .


  • Any string
  • Cardboard
  • Gold sticker paper
  • Markers
  • Puncher
  • Your personal message

I honestly do not think I have to include here a step-by-step procedure of how I made these said personalized tags, but if you have some questions, I am more than glad to answer and help you! (:

That’s all! Thanks for visiting my blog! See you again on my next craft adventure! 😉




3 Replies to “Gift Idea for Him”

  1. that’s really cute 🙂 I have a little brother too and I love getting him cool or funny gifts 🙂 I did that tags thing on christmas to my bf, I thought of it as a simple thing because I wasn’t going to be with and it would just be so he’d understand why I got him that, but then it got sweeter and cooler and romantic haha

    I love giving gifts too. But I stopped ’cause I wasn’t seeing apreciation…

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