Meeting Calligraphy

Last October 8, 2016, I attended a Calligraphy and Watercolor Workshop by the Ink Scribbler.

A brief background on my artsy side: Before I discovered I love writing, I first knew that I liked doing lettering. I began trying out different font styles when I was in high school. I doodled and wrote mindlessly on whatever writing material I could get my hands on, and I kind of did not get outgrew the hobby (and the habit of writing on anything).

But when I entered Med school, I set aside the good penmanship. I must admit that my life in Med school sort of nibbled away the creativity in me. Sometimes I feel like I am going to freak out because my imagination seems to be nonfunctional anymore.

I do not want to write a memoir here, but I just want to say that for me, a person should not leave behind his/her passion. It doesn’t matter if the career he/she has chosen does not completely embody the part of him/her which calls out for creativity.

What matters is that you do not abandon the things (and the people) you love.

Life has its way of stripping you off the things which make the real you—your weirdness, your strange interests, your wildest dreams, your passion. But life becomes dull when we sweep those under the rug, or keep it under the bed, or store it in the attic. They are significant, no matter how minute they may appear to you, details of your life.

These little things matter. They will matter to someone else. And maybe someday, you will see how they actually matter to you.

So, I hope you would try to check them out again and feel the unique warmth they bring to your soul. I hope they bring back that smile in your face which tells the world what you truly love.

. . . . .



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