As A Woman, I Take Pride In Making A Man Laugh

Yes, you read that right.

And I am not saying this to brag or whatever. I just realized how satisfying it is to make a man laugh. I know that most men would really try at whatever means to make the women they like to laugh. But as a woman, I find it unusually heart-warming to witness a man laughing before my eyes. Regardless of whether I am attracted to him or not.

The epiphany dawned on me when I was sitting in a restaurant with a friend, trying to finish the food in the midst of a chaos of jokes and sarcasm. I had this habit, which got stuck on me since high school, that I literally say the word “burp” when or after I burp. During a short break in our conversation, I burped. And he heard it — the “burp” word.

“Do you really need to announce it? That you burped? Burp. Burp,” he asked then laughed. But he was not yet finished with being amused. He followed it up with a statement which will forever remain etched in my memory, “So what if you fart? You will say, ‘fart, fart’?” He was even lifting his butt sideways while uttering “fart, fart.” It was hilarious! There were only a few customers in the restaurant and our laughter was probably exploding to all corners of the place.

“What if the fart goes out slowly, like a smoke? Pssssssshhhhhh…” He has not stopped laughing, my dear friends. I told him, “Like a steam…” And that capped the hilarity of our smelly conversation — we laughed like it was the funniest thing we ever heard in our lives.

I’m not sure if it sounds funny to you, but that’s not important to me, haha. I treasure the memory of it — the inside-joke that only both of us would understand. I will not forget how the epiphany washed over me when in between the fibers of time I saw him leaning towards the table in pure joy, his face crumpled into laughter, his demeanor which announced to the world that he is purely happy in that moment. Bare. Naked. No cover-ups.

And that is what I now love about being capable of making a man laugh — I find no need to impress. It pushed me off the edge of the chair and knocked me down towards the cold tiled-floor of authenticity. It shifted my paradigm. It held my hand and led me into being authentic, into loving laughter, into generating within myself the kind of thinking which could make anything amusing. It makes me deeply satisfied that that I am not the one trying to look good or win another person’s attention. It is liberating to be in the kind of a friendly relationship where the woman doesn’t find the need to keep the man by herself by making herself look so special, or pretty, or girlfriend-potential; but just allowing the man to act and speak and laugh without inhibitions.

I desire to be a woman who can bring out beauty from the most unexpected places and let a man experience the wonder of it. I want to be the kind of woman who can never contain herself, spilling poster-paint splatters of joy into the black-and-white world of a man. I long to be the woman who would not nag on her man because he can’t make her happy anymore, but be the woman who would constantly inspire her man to laugh — and maybe announce too, with a “fart” declaration, his own fart. ♥

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