Why An LDR Is Not For Me

My phone screen lights up
But I’m too tired
To even hold
The d*mn gadget

The daily grind of work
Has drained all my energy
Can’t, won’t even want
To type on the screen

Letters, numbers, stickers
They’re all staring at me
Just staring, floating in
An invisible platform

“I love you, I miss you”
Wishing they would hug back
Or plant a kiss on my forehead
Nibble my ear or cuddle with me

Honey, it just won’t work
I want, need your presence
I need to see it
Touch it, feel it

I want, need to be stirred up
With the look of your eyes
Wanna get lost
In the warmth of your breath

I need to be affirmed
With the sight of your body
Beside mine, even when all
We do is stare at each other

I need to actually have
My arms blanketing you
Latching in the curves
Of your chest and waist

I want to go to places
Backpacking to mountains
Jumping off with a parachute
Holding your hands with mine

I want to behold your beauty
Cup your face in my palms
Brush your hair with my fingers
And whisper you poetry

I want to pack a lunch for you
Run a marathon with you
Movie-binge with you
Visit our parents on weekends

I need moments and days
Spent on knowing how
Your nose crinkles and
How your fart exactly smells

I am not in a virtual world
I am not a virtual partner
I want and need the tangible
Constantly, consistently

I want you, I need you
Because that’s the language
Which speaks to me
And to which I respond to

So baby, don’t bother
About wrapping gifts
Or how you’d impress me
Just be here

Beside me,
Making me shudder
With your words of love
Diving into my heart’s crevices

Sit beside me
Drink tea with me
Watch me read my favorite book
Until I fall asleep



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