If I could travel to any location in the universe, I would like to be out there in space where I could just watch galaxies, black holes, stars, and planets dance in silence. I am a sucker for these wonders. If a single star could be wrapped in a gift and given to me, I would be floored and never be the same again.

However, on second thought, maybe the universe itself is already a gift to humanity. As much as it shows forth who our Creator is, it is also a gift to us — something we do not actually deserve. Something which displays to us the heart of the giver, and how much value the giver sees in us.

The universe, though it seems to be a mystery in itself, is in reality just a string which pulls man towards his Creator. It is vast and filled with things yet to be known and discovered — much like as to how God, our Creator, is. One can stare into a star-studded sky all the nights of his life and remain in awe from one sunset to another. And the same is true with God.

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