Just my little corner in this universe

During college, I have learned the art and skill of doing practically everything — but bathing and cooking — on my bed. I came to a point in my college life that my body occupies only one half of the bed when sleeping. The other half is my study desk. Of course, that is one-half lengthwise.

But come med school, I could not stand five minutes seeing my bed and not wanting to sleep. Literally. I attempted to stop this nonsense (like, “Hello? I have always studied on my bed for four years!”) But to no avail. My bed has won, and I am at its disposal.

Four years later, (but still a third year student), two schools later, and four apartments later, I find myself studying on my bed again. It is surprising for me and ironic to practice this again in the most difficult academic year in med school (I do not include the fourth year, for the simple and obvious reason that it is mainly spent in the hospital for internship). So here I am, waking up on my bed, getting up and climbing down the bunk bed to eat my late dinner (or maybe night snack because I ate my early dinner before going to sleep? I dunno; I have no respect for proper meal time anymore, hahaha). And then going back to bed to study.

But actually, it’s just that my butt hurts sitting on that monoblock chair for hours. Not to mention the absence of a back support. Help: swivel chair badly needed.



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