My Two Cups of Tea

Two things worth writing today (because I would really die in regret if I postpone writing about this and eventually forgetting how awesome this would turn out …yea, awesome, para ma-boost ang self-confidence ko, bwahaha!)

I love tea.

That statement alone can stand on its own and practically divulge everything about me. Char! Anyway, I love tea. I don’t know when it started and it doesn’t actually matter and well…


I just care that I love it. I love anything that has something to do with it — late night talks, friendly dates, romantic dates, movie nights, break time, i-feel-so-pumped-up-im-gonna-finish-100-pages-today study goals, im-feel-like-im-gonna-die-please-send-help-im-procrastinating nights, sick days, no-stress days, just-a-typical-day days, hmmm, the list goes on and on.

And because I love tea, I’ll talk about two things (already introduced above, but who cares? *laughs in Filipino*) Here they go…

1. Women with high standards

People who have heard me speak and write about this know me well enough to realize that I am a lady to be reckoned with. Pero syempre char-char lang yun! Bahala ka na paano mo gusto i-interpret yun. Hahaha. Anyway, for the past few months, I have been seeing and silently-cringing on trending Facebook posts and shared articles about being single, about having standards, and the whatnot. Nakakaumay na, sa totoo lang. I admit that I joined the bandwagon of romanticizing being single for quite a long period of time (para sa akin mahaba-habang panahon na yun), but after a while, it already became bland to my intellectual, emotional, and spiritual taste buds.

I don’t give a damn anymore about proving how great a woman with high standards could be, because that doesn’t matter to me anymore. And I’m not sure if other people even care about it. Whether you shout it out on the rooftops or not, whether you walk your talk or not, people will always have something to say (and criticize) about your principles. Me? I. Am. So. Done. With. It.


But one thing I would actually want to point out here is a principle behind this kind of women, and direct this writing piece to the male audience: Women with high standards do not just happen. 

I know that men already have a list of adjectives in their heads in association with this type of women. I don’t blame them. It’s completely understandable. But what I have always disliked about the stereotype that most men (and other women alike) place on women with high standards is pinning on these women’s forehead the “idealistic” card.

But what most people do not know about these women is how they live their lives. They do not have IG photos or FB posts to tell the world how they strive hard in their daily personal lives. There are no books to read, a dictionary to refer to, or even a blog to follow, to realize how these women are struggling, working, crying their hearts and tears out, just to be the kind of women they want themselves to be. Women with high standards set the same kind of standards on themselves.

If you’re a guy who come across this type of woman and seem to have a special kind of connection, but somehow felt like she’s too impossible to please, don’t jump into the conclusion that she doesn’t like you; her standards mean you will have to strive harder in your own life. Her standards mean that she will not settle with a man who is contented with mediocrity, who is insecure, who is so scared with changes. Because if there is one thing a woman with high standards thrive at — it is CHANGE. She constantly looks for a way to spend her time wisely. She constantly thinks of ways on how to keep her love on with her family and friendships. She constantly thinks on how to reconcile and rekindle old, but beautiful, relationships. She constantly strives to better her attitude towards people and situations — difficult or not, toxic or not, depressing or not. A woman with high standards set the bar so high in her own life so that she could be careful enough to not fall into the trap of losing what she values in her life, in her relationships, in her dreams with the man she would want to spend her life with.

These women just can’t be the type of girls men would want to play their games with; they know better than you, guys, so don’t even think about using your best-selling pick-up line. These women are not princesses, waiting for their prince charming while they braid their hair and color their nails. Whether they are in a tower, in the attic, in the storage room, in the midst of a patriarch society, in the abyss, they will always find something to do. They want to be useful, they want to see themselves create and build. They want to flourish and nourish others as well. Women with high standards are the adventure itself.

So there. Men of the earth, do push the reset button in your heads, and do yourselves a favor by being friends with these women. You will thank them for helping you become the best version of yourselves — because that’s what they are good at.


. . . . .


cup of tea

an expression that is used to describe something you like, something you are good at or something you enjoy doing.

. . . . .

2. This certain kind of guy

From the quite serious rambling above, here goes the polar opposite. *laughs in Filipino*

I love tea. I just want to say that in case I forgot to mention it before. Now, another thing I love is a man who is brave enough to keep his eyes locked on me…just to greet me. I mean, come on guys, who even does that in this time??? Of course, if you happen to be a guy who wants my attention, and then intentionally does this move with hopes of winning my heart, I strongly advise you to not even do this. Because I will immediately see if you are genuine or not.

But this guy in this side of the universe has been making me crazy for quite some time now. He doesn’t confuse me; he mystifies me. (Disclaimer: I am not into mysterious guys. They might as well creep the heck out of me!) He notices me. He actually stops to greet me…just like a mug of tea beckoning my attention to come and sit for a while and take a break. He kind of pushes the pause button in my everyday hustle-and-bustle life in med school. Something like, “Hey you, yes you, lady who is in denial that she likes me” and I’m like, “Shut up, you cute one.” Urgh, mukhang gusto kong mawala sa mundo dahil sa linyang yan. Hahaha!

Anyway, it kind of makes me feel good to meet him from time to time. He makes me to actually want to breathe for a while and just have a good talk (but of course, we haven’t done that, or else my heart would have been in a million happy pieces right now), you know, forget for a moment that we are both living in a stressful environment. Honestly, that sounds so good to hear, but I could barely look at his face longer than 3 seconds (ganyan ako kasabaw, !@#$%^), so I don’t really know how feasible that imaginary experience would be. HAHAHA!

Kung may nagsusubaybay man sa blog ko at nag-iisip kung parehong lalaki ba ito sa nabanggit ko sa “Dear Crush” article ko, dalawa ang sasabihin ko:

  1. Sorry, pero ibang lalaki ito.
  2. Surprise, ibang lalaki ito!

Hahaha, sorry na kung puro crush ata pinagsususulat ko dito sa blog ko. Hahahahaha I actually don’t feel sorry about it. Hahahaha! Ba’t ba. Blog ko ito, walang makapipigil sa akin. LOL. Char lang! Anyway, dulot lang siguro ito ng pag-aadjust ko sa stress sa med school. Malay natin maging dominant on the following months yung side ko na nabanggit sa #1 sa itaas. *evil Filipino laugh*

Okay, bye na. ((((((=

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