grace under pressure

Precious Jem is a (not-so!) little person, a bibliophile and logophile, an elder sister by default, a Medicine student, an all-or-nothing type of person, a romantic lover, and your typical introvert friend.

She contemplates about life, philosophy, science, politics, current events, engineering, technology, family, leadership, social issues, humanity, and ultimately, her own imperfect and fallible life choices while she’s either walking by the sidewalks or crossing the street. (Not kidding).

This blog is her attempt to put into life the world inside her head. Her writings could as well be expected to be messy at times, spinning here and there; profound to the point it becomes near-impossible to understand; or plainly foolish. She is, after all, thinking about these things while on the pedestrian lane.

You will see her mostly in libraries or in coffee shops—engrossed over a book or glued to her boyfriend, Dell Inspiron 11. She’s a proud tsundoku, a craft-holic, a lover of stationery, and an aspiring gardener. Big dogs make her heart flutter.